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CPFE international expert conference

Contemporary perspectives on future education

2022 theme: Didactic supplies in the light of the modern educational process

Where: Center KOPE

When: 21. 5. 2022


Professionals, principals and other executives in education are invited to participate.


Didactic supplise are used in all articulation levels for various learning and motivational purposes. They vary from subject to subject, but they all promote students’ independence and activity, serve as a demonstration tool, and help them understand concepts, rules, procedures, relationships, and facilitate the transition from the concrete to the abstract level.


At the conference, we want to focus on the role and importance of didactic aids in learning and teaching at all levels of education through in-depth professional discussions and presentations of examples of good practice.

Cooperation options:

  1. participant with a solo lecture
  2. listeners


You can apply via the online form accessible here:


Registration fee: 70 €  members of society

                                  80 € (including VAT)  non-members of the society

It covers the cost of organizing the conference, breakfast, snacks, lunch and a certificate of attendance.

Payment of the registration fee must be made by Tuesday, May 7th, 2020. Participants will receive payment information via e-mail.

Important dates:

before January 21th, 2022 e-registration for participants with a paper
March, 2022 abstract approval
before March 31th , 2022 submission of papers
April 23th, 2022 publication of conference program and papers
before May 7th, 2022 e-registration for listeners
before May 7th, 2022 payment of the registration
May 21rd, 2022 SPIP International Expert Conference

Information at:

  1. a) E-mail:
  2. b) Online:

Invitation to CPFE international expert conference

CPFE organization committee

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